I came home yesterday to find we had down lights all over the place and they were illuminated! No more showering by lamp light! The only problem was, although we had lights and the microwave worked, none of the computers or fridge would turn on. About four hours later the electrician came back and fixed it up for us – long story there and one I don’t want to speak about online and now we have full power. We also have the outline of a bath and no wall in the old bathroom – big occasion. Tomorrow Shamus should be fitting the cupboards in the bathroom downstairs and then we can move all our “products” down there. We may even get a roof! No more brushing our teeth in the sink.

Downstairs with light (not the finished product though)!:


Other room with light – not up in the ceiling yet obviously:


The old bathroom with the wall missing:


The old bathroom with the new bath frame:




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