For about 9 years we’ve been living with a pretty horrible bathroom. It’s generally been clean and bearable but looking at fake wood panelling and tiles that are coming up off the floor hasn’t been the greatest thing. The bathroom was the first thing we wanted to renovate but Pauline and I could never agree how to go about it. She didn’t want to live in a house without a bathroom while it was being renovated, so she wanted a second bathroom downstairs. I didn’t want to do a downstairs bathroom without adding more space, which meant more money and more effort. We back and forthed it for many years working through different plans and builders.

Finally we have reached the day when the bathroom we knew and hated has left us. Now the cracked tiles, crawling ants and waterlogged chipboard has gone, soon to be replaced with a bathroom that looks like it was made in the 1800s. No modern downstairs look for this bathroom, it’s all outback colonial baby. This won’t be to everyone’s style, but it’s mine and I hope it works out. To give you some idea of what we had to live with and what it looks like now completely bare, check out these photos:

The bathroom in it’s original cheap 70s style. The tiles weren’t always that bad, I lifted them up in preparation for the gutting:


The sink has now gone along with the tiles. I think it’s an improvement:

The shower and washing machine in it’s original form:


The shower is gone and now we can see all the water damage from the cracked tiles. Nice job:




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