It’s been a quite a few days since the last update and that was mainly because not much happened for three days. Today though was a huge day because some of the fittings went in which lends itself to making the room look almost complete. We had a few issues with bits missing from the tapware and a minor problem with the shower head but Pauline picked up the bits in her lunch hour so that should be sorted tomorrow. The vanity is installed but still needs the mirror, cupboard and shelf. Washing tub also went in and the washing machine made the big move downstairs. I thought it may have trouble fitting but Shamus chose the right size tub and it all works great. Here are some photos:

The shower with all the grouting. I think the white makes it brighter and I’m absolutely in love with it now. The shower head is the one from upstairs and is only temporary:


The water saving toilet with the still boarded up windows. Floors are a bit wet because we haven’t got a shower screen up yet:

The washing machine and tub – perfect fit!




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  1. kelly says:

    Has it brightened up the tiles for you, having the grout in there? I think it looks great.


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