Almost a year and a half ago I wrote a blog post that was a bit confronting in it’s name about how I felt about 2010. It turned out to be an influential post in more ways than one, because it led me to the place I am right now. I had no idea at the time of writing that 6 months later a sometimes reader and facebook friend would finally see the post and book a flight to meet me. Nor did I realise that I was her “internet crush” and the fact that she was “in town for work and did I want to meet for dinner” was a ruse for an actual date. It turns out the date we met for dinner was also another important date in my life – the one year anniversary of my vespa accident. The blog post I wrote that day on the 12th August 2011 detailed my recuperation and all my plans for the future – with me having no idea that my future was about to change dramatically only hours later.

That evening I finally met Claire (cakesinaus) in person for the first time and fell in love over an 18 hour marathon evening that ended with me staying the night in her hotel room and the two of us just talking for the duration of that whole time (we were proper ladies and there was no frisky business). Both of us knew pretty quickly that something was happening, but neither of us were sure what given that she lived in Sydney and I was a Brisbane girl. Thankfully both of us had enough frequent flyer points and cash to see each other every weekend for the next three months as we got to know each other properly. Changes in my ex-partner’s life at the same time meant that it was a good time for her and I to finally put the house on the market, while I also applied for a mid-career break from work which I had mentioned in my august 12th blog post. Everything came in to a perfect storm at the beginning of December when I sold my house, had my career break approved and settled my accident claim. I had blown up my life and was moving to Sydney.

Claire and I were weary of the lesbian u-haul jokes about moving in on the second date but it felt absolutely right for the two of us to be together.  The only small issue was that Claire was in the UK all of December on a pre-Amy booked trip to see family and friends for Christmas. I flew down on the 28th of December, my stuff arrived on the 29th at 5.30am and I was picking up Claire from the airport at 7.30am the same day so we could begin our life together. An added bonus was that work had a project available for me to work on remotely, so no longer was I having a career break, but I was moving to a 4 day a week, 7 hrs a day remote from home work situation. Especially great given that there is a pool in Claire’s complex and it was still summer. It also means I can ease in to a new life, while avoiding the added stress of a new job. My employer offers many opportunities for work/life balance and it’s only because of modern technology that I can live and work in an entirely different state to my actual workplace.

So somehow I have fallen in to this amazing life in a new city, with a new girlfriend (who is an absolute keeper and ticks all my boxes) and the same job only less hours and from home. My plans to be a global nomad have curtailed a bit since I don’t want to go without her now. Her job has less opportunities for holidays, but Claire loves to travel and we have many trips booked for the rest of this year. I’m just in shock that all the things I asked for from those two blog posts came about because of those blog posts. I’m extremely lucky and very much in love – with my girlfriend, her dog Elvis and her adopted city of Sydney. It’s not “Lucky I’m with Aami” – it’s Lucky Amy indeed!



5 thoughts on “Huge life changes

  1. Jo Bennett says:

    Hey Amy,

    This post makes me so happy for you – I’ve been an online bystander to the journey you’ve been through the last few years (and i don’t comment much on anything) but I’m so glad you made it through to such a satisfying place!

    There is so much moaning and complaining in life (we’ve all done it!), but it is obvious you are blissfully happy and it is so great to see.

    I hope the next stage is even better.


  2. Cheryl says:

    Great post. I love “I’d blown up my life”. Appropriate and very visual!

  3. ChrisL says:

    I think it’s time to write the screenplay.
    I’d watch 4 sure.

    PS. Can I play me? 🙂

  4. Kath says:

    It gives me such warm fuzzies to see you so happy Amy. You deserve every bit of it.


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