This is a new category I've created in an effort to write more blog posts. Is not sponsored in any way, the intent is to just wax lyrical about things I'm currently enjoying and want to give the amyo stamp of approval.

First on the list is Foamburst by Imperial Leather. It's a pretty expensive shower gel at around $5.29, but the two flavours I've tried so far smell so good it's worth it. But the smell isn't its greatest feature. Growing up I always enjoyed stealing my dad's shaving cream to use in the bath to shave my legs. There was something ritualistic about smoothly removing the white cream along with my hairs. My legs always felt moisturised after it was finished as well. This Foamburst stuff is like shaving cream but its used instead to clean your body. You get the fantastic feeling of the shaving cream but now all over your body! Is it wrong to say I enjoy using this more than the expensive bottle of Jo Malone shower gel I also own?

I love this stuff.




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