Saw Vanessa Amarosi on the weekend. Normally she wouldn’t rate as an artist I’d spend time listening to, but I’ll sing along to her songs if they are on the radio. She was absolutely brilliant. As a performer she needs more work, but as a singer she blows everyone away. She was hitting notes I didn’t know existed. She sung all her hits like Absolutely Everybody, Shine and that one that goes “have a look”. She also sung some Motown hits like Natural Woman and other ones that I can’t remember now cause I was drinking Vodka ice drinks. 🙂 She seemed like she enjoyed herself as she asked if she could be invited again next year. She had some flamenco dance moves going down, and she got some of the crowd to come up on the stage after telling the security guard to calm down his testosterone (not in those words of course). I’m not sure I’d buy her albums, but I would definitely recommend her as someone to see live.

At the opposite end of enjoyment was the Brisbane Home Show. I always go and I’m always disappointed. Shitty furniture, tonnes of spas, and bored looking salesmen reading newspapers. I wish they’d concentrate on ideas more rather than making it look like an industrial convention. A lot of them haven’t figured out how to sell to consumers, and the ones who have use the same display every year. You could get a good bargain buying electrical goods but that’s about it. The only thing I enjoyed was the art show and because of this I informed Pauine that she was never to allow me to go again, even if I begged and pleaded. It was crap, I cannot stress that enough.

In other news, I won the gingerbread bubblebath that Pauline and I loved so much in America. HOORAY!!!



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