Storm DamageIt’s been one week since the tornado type storm raced through the southside suburbs of Brisbane. My house fared ok in the storm, but two nights before one of the large dead gum trees fell on to one of the healthy ones in the back yard. Removing the tree is going to reach deep in to the back pockets, but at least the piles of wood in the backyard will be removed. Awfully hard to get a tree lopper since everyone has had similar problems – so we are going to have to wait a month for the tree to be removed.

We had afternoon thunderstorms every day last week, but they weren’t always a relief from the heat. Plus it seemed everytime I got on a train the train decided to stop due to “lightening affecting the signals”. Luckily I wasn’t one of the many who took three hours to get home instead of their usual 30mins. Looking on the bright side, it was spectacular watching the storm from the middle of the Brisbane River where our train sat for 15 mins.

I was on the 21st floor on Friday when the big storm hit and you could see the gusts of wind pelting the street and the wind whipping the advertising banners into a frenzy. Had no idea though how bad the damage was until the next day when I saw millions of trees knocked over. My friend lost power for 24 hours and almost had to bring her fridge items over to my house on the Saturday. It would’ve been like the olden days. 🙂

Meanwhile I am now remonstrating myself for the fact that it took about 55 posts in my blog to resort to talking about the weather. 🙂



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