Visited the Brisbane Motor Show on Saturday and although it isn’t quite Paris or Berlin standard, it was quite adequate. I was pleased to discover that I could get in most of the cars so I enjoyed owning an MG and Mazda RX-8 for at least one minute.

Hot hatches seemed to be my interest of the day, and although the Peugeot 206 is most obviously the best, I was surprised and impressed by the Citroen C2. It had the cool steering wheel flippers for gear changes, no clutch and you could decide whether you wanted an automatic or manual for that day. All cool girly stuff for only $22 grand. However some of the levers were plasticy and cheap, which is why I still prefer the sports version of the 206.

Wasn’t that interested in the Holdens and Fords, but I couldn’t resist hopping in the back of the Holden Caprice to watch a bit of Finding Nemo. It has 6 blaupunkt speakers and the sound quality was so brilliant that if I bought the car I’d be sitting there to watch all the movies. Kelly was so awed she must have left her purse in the car because it took her about 5 mins for her to realise she’d lost it. I guess that there are still good people in the world as they handed it in to the poster girls and didn’t take anything from it. So they were either nice or just wanted an excuse to talk to the poster girls. 🙂

Also accosted by a lady from the Alfa Club, she was trying to get me to sign up once she knew I owned an Alfa and worked with Keith. I told her I’d be too ashamed to rock up in my dodgy old car, but she said that the cars were meant to be driven.

I’ve put some pictures up in the gallery and I’ve upgraded gallery so that you can vote for your favourite, so make sure your vote counts!



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