Two evenings ago I was startled to walk out to the back of my house and have a virtually clear view to the city. The highrises of Brisbane were sparkling magically and the new Riparian Plaza was beaming it’s beacon brightly knowing that it was now the tallest building in Brisbane. I thought that maybe this new view was because it was an extremely clear night but after some discussion with Pauline we realised that the neighbours down the back had removed one of their trees. With a bit of cash outlay by them, our house had just increased in value by a thousand dollars or more. Now the only thing inhibiting an impressive view of the city is a view overhanging branches in my yard and a palm tree that can only grow taller leaving only the stalk in the way. The timing of this is tremendous as we have only recently signed off on a contract to have a deck built out the back which will allow us to enjoy the view even more. How is that for luck!

Brisbane Square buildingThe skyline of Brisbane is changing quickly and I get an overwhelming sense of that every morning when I ride to work. The new Brisbane Square building is starting to dominate the riverbank and hide the ubiquitous Hitachi Building. I’m still wondering if it will hide the weather indicator, which will be a bit of a disappointment. Knowing that I will get to work in the Brisbane Square building though is some consolation as I’m becoming a bit of a fan of it now. The weird lego pieces that they illustrated in the drawings were very ugly in ink but are turning out rather impressive in reality. I do believe that the colours will date quickly though so I hope they are easily interchangeable. I expect that they will soon be a compass point in navigating travellers around the CBD – "just keep walking till you reach the big yellow, green, red and blue blocks then turn left on to the bridge". It’s weird to be excited about a building but I am. I think when I buy a tripod for my new favourite toy I might get out there and take some shots of it in it’s half built form.



2 thoughts on “Brisbane skyline changes

  1. Patrick says:


    my name is Patrick and I’m studying English here in Brisbane (so, there might be a lot of mistakes in my grammar…). I just wanna let u know that you’re so lucky to live in a such beautiful city as Brisbane is. I came here for only 3 months but I decided to stay longer, in total 6 more months. And as you’ve already said, this city is changing every day (do you say “day by bay?) Anyway, I’ve got only 3 months left now to enjoy as much as possible this fantastic city

    If once someone will ask me “Tell me a city to live”, I would obviously say: Brisbane!

    I’ll try to log in your blog as much as possible to keep myself informed and in order to improve bit more my reading.


    Patrick, 22, from Spain

  2. Kel says:


    I’m the bloggers sister, and I’ve got to ask, what do you find so tempting about the city? Have you been to other cities in Brisbane? I’m curious, because I’m not such a fan. I would love to see the other side of the story.

    (And it’s “day by day” Close!! haha)


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