Went to the Chandler Markets this morning and once again I wondered why I leave the house. It was virtually the same as the Rocklea markets. There is the requisite fruit and veg, goldfishes, dodgy stuff that should be in the bin and the poffertjies seller. What is it about Brisbane that makes everyone replicate things in their suburb?

For example I like to go adventuring and see new things. I also like to look at shops. But there is no point driving all the way over to Chermside or Indooroopilly because it has exactly the same stores as Carindale. What’s the bloody point. Chain stores kill variety.

Same with markets – what’s the only difference between Carindale, Rocklea, South Bank and Eummundi?? The distance to drive to it.

Also the same with the cinemas, Birch Carroll and Coyle have a monopoly on Brisbane Cinemas so they all look the same. Thank god for the Eldorado and Balmoral/Hawthorne Cinemas . And if they ever close down the cinema in the mall it will be a said day for all of us.

Luckily I’m going on holidays overseas to experience something different. But of course I AM going to the country where chain stores were invented. *Sigh*



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