It’s true. The reason the content has been so thin on the ground over the past few months is because I’ve been seeing someone else. I’ve been sneaking around spending time elsewhere, holding back my content here so that I could spread my words to some bigger better blog. Yep – selling my soul to freelance for another website. Thanks to Claire hooking me up, I’ve been writing for which means I’ve been going to art galleries and plays since October and reviewing them online. These are some of the places I’ve been (some reviews are no longer on the site):

I’ve really enjoyed the assignments as they’ve taken me to places I wouldn’t normally go to (because lets face it, I rarely go out on a weeknight). I’ll admit it was a little tough to start with because it all happened around a pretty stressful time for me at work, but now everything has calmed down a bit I can enjoy it a lot more. So if you aren’t getting your fix of amyo, take a wander over to citysearch and see if you can find me there. I may be making out in the shadows with my “bit on the side”.



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