When I’m not riding 35kms around Brisbane on a bike or accidently cooking a lamb roast in plastic, I like to spend my weekends laying turf out the front of my yard. Spending a couple of hundred bucks on land that is essentially owned by the Brisbane City Council is a bit insane considering that they could decide to pave it at any time but the need to soften the house with some greenery rules any rational thoughts.

At 8am Saturday morning my learner driver younger sister drove me out to Acacia Ridge to pick up some turf. Pauline met up with us in my car so we could lug it all without making a return trip. There was some concern that it wouldn’t all fit but with the seats in the alfa pulled down there was enough room. My advice to you though is that if you decide to get turf without a trailer be prepared to spend a few hours vacuuming the car. So, here are the results of our labour:

The Magna has a big boot

The Alfa is so versatile

The snow like yard  with fertaliser and flour

The final product

We’ve aligned it a bit more since the photo was taken and also added a sprinkler system, so my hope is that it will stay green for a little while longer. Winter will be the big test for it. I’ve also got some other types of turf on trial in the backyard to see how well they do there. I’m hoping that it doesn’t end up a big waste of money!



3 thoughts on “Manual labour

  1. Kel says:

    That looks tons better!! I must say that I’m definately impressed. The furtherest I would get in doing that would be to say “hey wouldn’t it be cool if we turfed out the front?” LOL

  2. Susan Ryland says:

    The turf looks interesting – wait till it goes brown!!! Well, let’s hope not but water, water, water is the answer! Drown it, then as soon as it’s dry, drown it again, and so on (apparently) -this comes from someone who has no decent lawn and no plants.
    The new fence looks great. I will just have to get down there to check the lot out.

  3. madram says:

    Not bad for amateurs 🙂 And not a computer in sight – gee, I guess some things are possible to do off-line…

    (I spent my weekend putting up garden wall AND laying turf – well 1 square metre of it!)


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