Motorcycle parking changes in Brisbane

Scooter parking

Scooter parking

The Brisbane City Council has changed the way parking works for motorcycles and scooters in the city. We all knew it was coming since we’d seen line markings on sidewalks but no one knew if they’d start charging and booking people. A lot of bikers were angry and scared but now that they’ve announced the plans, it’s not too bad. They’ve added some spots, removed some spots, made parking on sidewalks legal (within the line markings) and changed some areas to paid parking. I think the charged areas will probably become vacant which will fill up the sidewalk areas making it a pain in the arse for me, but I’ll wait a few weeks to see how it all pans out. If you are interested in seeing what Council had to say about it, this is the printout they left on everyone’s bike on Friday and today.



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