Is it a coincidence that I saw the Michael Moore movie Sicko last Saturday night and the next day I had the starting of sore throat? Now it’s the end of the week and I’m still laying here coughing up horrible green prizes and winning awards for being the grossest person in the house. I’m also dealing with a blocked ear which is the result of an earache I had earlier in the week.

What sucks the most is that it is Ekka week and I can’t go because I’m sick. Ironically no one else is going because the State Goverment asked all people with the flu to stay away. What annoys me is that they acted all surprised when everyone listened to the warnings and made this year’s ekka one of the worst for attendances. As a healthy person I would be taking that opportunity to buy some showbags and ride the ferris wheel but instead I’m lazing here on the couch like I have been all week.



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