Cafe Modena

Continuing my coffee mission

Name: Cosmopolitan Cafe
Location: Adelaide St across from Next Byte or up the road a bit.
Coffee: Cappucino
Price: $2.30
Size: small
Purchase time: 8.50am
Barista: Tall bald guy

Cafe Modena

There were people out the door lining up. Every seat was taken inside. There was a good reason. The guy at the machine was a bloody genius. The coffee was good – damn good. It had the smoothness of Cube and Sugar N Spice but didn’t suffer from their temperature issues. This coffee was the finest I’ve had during my experiments. The milk was perfect, the flavour was there and the cup wasn’t polystyrene. I enjoyed every last drop and even stuck my fingers around the cup to lick off every bit of foam left at the end. Just to prove that it wasn’t a fluke I went back at lunchtime and got another. It was just as good. The guy was nothing if not consistent. It was pretty obvious this store cared about it’s coffee as they had pages that told you how to make good filtered coffee at home and how to taste it. They use their own special blend of DiBella coffee and their bean jar is only $10. I’m going to get some when I run out of the stuff I use at home. I don’t know why this end of Adelaide St is approximately 50 cents cheaper per coffee than the Treasury Casino end, but I’m getting ripped off up there!

Cosmopolitan Cafe

Verdict: I’m not sure if I should go on searching as this store, coffee and barista are perfection.



13 thoughts on “Cafe Modena

  1. Kel

    Don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m noticing a similarity in that most of the barista’s are either balding or have white hair.

    So it looks like you found the perfect bald guy too!?

  2. Amyo

    I’m jealous! I wish there was a place as good as that cafe down this end of the city. They are all overpriced and lack quality. *sigh*

  3. Amyo

    I’m glad he got a chance to find out how much he is improving the lives of us Brisbane coffee drinkers. Now, can you convince him to open a second store in the new Brisbane Square building? 🙂

  4. Kel

    Nothing better than receiving positive feedback! Now, perhaps someone should visit the other places and give them ‘constructive’ feedback!

  5. Alen

    Dear Amyo
    Thank you very much for all the positive comments. I’m the “tall bald guy” that strives to give every customer the same perfect coffee each time.
    We love what we do!!!

  6. Amyo

    No, thank you for ruining me on all other coffee! I can’t have anything now without comparing it to yours and none of them have stood up to the level you created. Although I do have to try Ant’s cart down the road – I hear you guys have a bit of friendly rivalry. 🙂

  7. leeloo

    try ooh la latte for the best brisbane coffee…in the walkway between Mary St and Charlotte St… under Martin College Plaza

  8. janie

    Hi this is janie from sugar n spice roastery at capalaba It is exciting reading all the comments about the coffees about town. Ill be checking out cafe modena ,and the barista ! I have passed on your comments to our store in adalaide st,have you tried our other store on the corner of mary and albert st in the river city apartments.

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