When Pauline said in the store that she wanted to buy profiterole mix I knew from the start that they would be bad news. I said I didn’t want anything to do with it and she would have to make them herself. She readily agreed and then the packet sat around the house for over a week. It wasn’t until Mum visited and decided that we should make them for Pauline as a surprise at the same time that we were making lasagne that the mix got opened. So while Pauline was off watching tv I made the mix using eggs from the fridge. I had a taste of the mix before it went in to the oven and commented to mum that profiterole mix is gross. We watched the mix rise in the oven but it seemed awfully flat and had been runny when I’d dished it out. When we were about to pull them out of the oven Pauline informed us that the eggs I’d used were the ones that had been there for months that she had been feeding the dog. The profiteroles had to be thrown out and we had only the lasagne for dinner.

That night, around 12.40pm, I woke up feeling like that scene in the Alien movie where the Alien bursts out of the guy’s stomach. My belly felt like it was burning up and wanted to explode but that was the only symptom. I had a quickeze to quiten it down and managed to get back to sleep. I had a restless night and got up at 6 to spend a horrible time in the bathroom. At that point I knew I wasn’t going to work that day. A few hours later I became reaquainted with the lasagne and the toilet bowl and was unable to keep anything I ate down. Of course I told Pauline that it was her eggs that caused it, but honestly I think I’ve caught a virus. Over the past week I’ve had some dizzy spells and I knew a few people who have experienced this so I probably got it off one of them. Thankfully it’s starting to subside now even though I still have a bit of a belly ache and headaches. Mum got me some glucose jelly beans which seemed to assist tremendously. The only thing worse than this virus is an earache. Gross.



3 thoughts on “Profiteroles are evil

  1. mib says:

    I think you have misnamed this blog. I think the profiteroles are getting a bum rap. It sounds more like it is the stuff in you fridge that is evil! 😉

  2. amyo says:

    I’ve told Pauline the next time she wants to keep something old in the fridge she has to put huge nuclear waste images all over it.


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