Dear Blog,

I feel like I’ve been ignoring you lately and you might think you aren’t important anymore. Don’t worry, you are still my favourite place to write stuff. It’s just that I have a little something on the side.

All my efforts have been going in to gushing the love on to my new side by side two door fridge and freezer. It’s pretty obvious in it’s need for attention. You walk in to the kitchen and it’s all stainless steel shiny. It responds to my touch instantly when I open the door and shows it’s appreciation by lighting up like a beacon. It’s got an easy opening door in the door to pull out the milk when I want to make a cup of tea. If I shove a cup in it’s face it responds by gushing water or ice depending on what button I stimulate. It’s such a hussy as well because it gushes for whoever wants to use it. Luckily I can press the lock button so that it only gives water to me. You see, I’ve got refridgerator love and I’m a controlling owner. I’m getting all hot just thinking about it.

Face of the showgirl fridge

She’s an expensive purchase too, blog. I got her at quite a reduced rate because she was a showgirl but she still cost more than a lot of the other fridges. But she is quality through and through. I can’t hardly believe she came home to my house. I’ve seen her in the doctor’s house on Desperate Housewives and I never thought she’d be mine but she is.

But don’t worry blog, I’ve been thinking of you also. You see you deserve a new look and some navigation changes to celebrate your coming of age. I have a bit more of an idea of why I have you now and want to tailor more of the site to your evolving personality. This won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. In the meantime just know that I still love you and this fridge thing is just a fling. She’ll become another part of the furniture and I’ll use her and abuse her. Soon I’ll just see her beautiful stainless steel shine as one giant smudge board. Until then stay strong.

You are still my true love blog.



12 thoughts on “A stainless steel showgirl

  1. CamDS says:

    Well once it’s become a smudge board and you go overseas 🙂 we can give her a good home!!!

  2. xeno xeno says:

    Guess who has provided us with cooked meals all week? I don’t ever want the fridge attraction to wear off.

  3. Kel says:

    Goddamn your stories always entertain me. I just got funny looks from people for laughing and saying “a hussy fridge” 🙂

    Good to hear she’s finally cooking Pauline! Maybe you guys should invest in a new vacuum cleaner too, because then the house would always be clean, and you wouldn’t need to agree on who was cleaning based on who’s family was visiting 🙂

  4. Lucy-loo says:

    that fridge sounds like its got a roving eye amy, i’d be careful if i were you, make sure you always know where it is!

  5. Amyo says:

    She’s pretty heavy so I don’t think she’ll be moving to Cameron’s just yet. That’s not to say she is overweight, it’s just because she does two functions at once. Kind of like the Olsen twins except 10 billion times their weight – oh and she doesn’t look like e.t.

  6. Lucy-loo says:

    i’m sure you know how to keep her amused…you sound like you know how to push her buttons;)

  7. scuppers says:

    No Kelly it isn’t the story that is moving in a different direction, it’s you and your mind that are moving in the different direction you dirty thinking person. Shame on you.

  8. Kel says:

    Yus, I admit I was thinking dirty thoughts. *hangs head in shame*

    Will you ever forgive me?

  9. scuppers says:

    strange, didn’t seem dirty to me…or did it *glances mysteriously while mysterious music plays in background*


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