Even though I’ve got my Canon 350D camera for improving my photography skills, there are times when a huge SLR isn’t convenient. The plan has always been to buy an ultra compact camera for when you want to capture the moment but don’t want to look like Annie Leibovitz with 5 camera bags trailing behind you. Back when we were shopping the Canon we looked at some Sony DSC T7s and Canon Ixus but when we finally decided on the Ixus we discovered that they had a new one out with a bigger screen so we decided to wait.

6 months later and there are a whole new range of cameras out there so I have to go through all the research again. Looking at the specifications is fine, but they never really give you a true comparison as they don’t give similar image examples – it’s always photos of something else. Until now. I’ve found cameras.co.uk that allows you to select the cameras you want to compare and then you can view same samples from each one (there are seasonal differences in the trees however). This has been invaluable as it put my wish for a Casio S600 to bed for good thanks to the dreadful images. It’s also bumped up the Fuji Z2 in to contention as the new camera to get. It has comparable quality to the Canon Ixus 55 but looks super sweet in it’s black simple box. It doesn’t have a huge 3″ screen like the Ixus but all my photos before the 350D were by a fuji and I was extremely happy with it.

So, unless I read something horrible, the Fuji Z2 will be the new camera.



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