I think this bus is the most fantastic looking vehicle I’ve ever seen. I came across it while watching a documentary about super buses and immediately added it to my “really want to have but never going to get” list. Only 10 of them were ever made and they were used by General Motors to share their latest technologies. The side of them opens up for either displays or cars inside, which is kind of like those trailers for Playstation games with tvs inside but way cooler.

The one shown in the show I watched was pimped out by Bob Valdez. He added an art deco bar and lounge and I even read somewhere that it may have a spa bath in it. I’m not too keen on his paint job as I prefer the original red with the shiny chrome trim. There is also a futurliner website that is documenting the restoration of one but also provides other interesting tidbits of information. My favourite photo on the site is one where they turned on the light fin.

If I had the skills or the money I would create a replica of this and just take it to all the rock festivals and sell coffee or something. That would be my ultimate fantasy dream scenario with this wicked ride. If only I could figure out the official way to spell it. Sorry that the picture is so washed out, it looks great when you see the chrome dazzle.



3 thoughts on “Futureliner Parade of Progress

  1. Lwood says:

    A Futureliner sold at a Barrett Jackson auction this weekend for $4.2 million.

  2. Dan Webster says:

    Lets build some at my shop,1500 sq ft; or my factory 40,000 sq ft

    ready when you are


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