Going against the urge of waiting a year after a console’s release, I’ve actually put in a pre-order for a Nintendo Wii. I got to see it in action on Saturday at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre and although I didn’t have a go it was enough to convince me. That and the $600 in vouchers from Myer. When ordering I got to see exactly what the vouchers are (thanks Chris):

  • 8 x $15 off your choice of Wii Game
  • 3 x Purchase 2 Games and get 20% off
  • 2 x $15 off Controller
  • 1 x $250 off Samsung Plasma or LCD TV
  • 1 x $100 Home Theatre
  • 1 x $20 off DS Lite

Apparently this is similar to the EB Games VIP Card if you pre-order there, but they also give you a bag.

Ben at work gave me a tip that a wiimote is bundled in with the Wii Play game, so if you buy that you’re only really paying $10 extra for the game. It went straight on to my list.

The other games I’m probably eventually going to get are Red Steel, Call of Duty 3, Warioware Smooth Moves and Need For Speed Carbon (if Pauline shows interest).

I’m looking forward to taking it to Christmas and watching my Mum play tennis on it. I’m hoping I can convince her to play. I think that will be the appeal of the console – people understand physical maneuvers more than pushing buttons.



4 thoughts on “I gave in to the Wii

  1. CamDS says:

    There are so many people getting the Wii when it comes out! Welcome to the Pwiiorder bandwagon!

  2. Kel says:

    So the Christmas debate has been settled then? I can just imagine Wimbledon getting paid in the living room now. And even though she doesn’t have to put pressure on her arm (except moving it) Mum will say that she lost because of her elbow. Better start greasing it up now Mum!

  3. dbee says:

    awesome! let me know when they have a soccer version 😉
    p.s. Amy, you can’t replace playing real tennis with this game now..that’s not gonna get your heart rate up hehe.. or Will it??!!

  4. shane says:

    you can’t own a nintendo with out owning zelda.. you better add that to you list to!


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