You know when you are a kid and you lay in bed awake knowing that the next day you were going to Dreamworld or Seaworld and you wanted to go to sleep early so the day will come sooner but you can’t because you are so excited? That’s what it’s like for me the night before an Apple announcement. I even go so far as to figure out what the time will be in Australia when they do the announcement (I don’t care enough to get up at 4am for it though).

I knew enough to know that there wouldn’t be a new ipod announcement as they’ve only just released the Video ipod but I was kind of hoping there would be a new ibook or 12″ powerbook. Some people were predicting overblown things like touchscreen ipods and tablet macs and not surprisingly they were dissapointed by only a new hi-fi and an intel mac mini. I think half the anticipation of an apple announcement is the discussion based on what they are going to release. You can’t buy that kind of viral marketing! Me, I’m just glad they didn’t announce a product to dissuade me from getting a 20″ Intel Imac. I’m a week away from placing the order!



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