The apple logos on either side of my scooter helmet must have tipped off people in the know at work that I’m a mac user. Promoting your alliances in some countries can get you arrested but in my case I was helping the other side. I was called in to help get some files off a G4 mac for security related purposes and it put my knowledge to the test. As a windows user I was always hanging out in the registry and reconfiguring it so that it didn’t annoy me so much. As a mac user I’ve become lazy because it all just works. I’ve never even had the need to delete a preference file!

This work I had to do combined my two favourite things in the world, computing and forensic investigation and I found that I hated it. The reality of investigation is monotony. You find something, you methodically log it, write it down, copy it, print it. I’m rather scatterbrained and prone to giving in to whims so I found this process incredibly difficult. It was like I spent a whole day of torture but at the end of it I discovered that I made the right career choice and investigation isn’t for me. I’ll stick with watching murder mysteries on tv thanks.

The other revelation I had was with the mac. I turned it on and worked on it for a while and realised I needed a printer to print stuff out. The mac had never been connected to the network but all I had to do was plug in the network without rebooting, it picked up an ip address, found the ip for the printer and 5 seconds later I was printing. I might have stayed in desktop support longer if it had been that easy! If I had to do the same thing on windows I’d have to find an external hard drive, install a network client, download some printer drivers, reboot 3 times, log in, change my password, change all the drivers to A4 instead of letter and print.

Sorry, didn’t mean to turn this entry into another mac love story but I just can’t help it.



2 thoughts on “Mac skills called on at work

  1. Kel says:

    Don’t forget to mention that while you were rebooting you had to stand on one foot, touch your nose and turn in a circle, all in one time. All that JUST so that you could understand what the crappy “glmain.exe has generated an error and will be closed by windows” message means!

    Uh oh, can you tell I’ve been working on the support desk at work!

  2. MysteryMan says:

    There is nothing wrong with loving a Mac. I don’t think I’ve told you that i have an (old) iBook as well as my Mini…


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