I thought my gadget fix was over for the year. I’d given up on the idea of the xbox 360 and I gotten the intel mac so I thought I had my fill. But then I made the mistake of visiting gadget king Chris’ house and fell in love with a vacuum cleaner.

What’s not to love. The roomba beeps like a mack truck when backing out of it’s charger, sings a song when it finds a particularly dirty patch and docks itself when it’s tired. But the best thing? I can shut it away by itself in a room, go watch tv and come back to a clean room. All for the princely sum of around $350 from Harvey Norman. You can also skin it! I’m thinking of the smiley face since there doesn’t seem to be any hot rod flames.

How does it clean? Like a demon. It went under the freestanding stove, got the bird feathers and the seed. It doesn’t like the tassels on the rug but it managed to power through them nontheless. You could probably get 2 dirty rooms done before you have to empty it, but that would increase to more rooms the cleaner your house becomes thanks to roomba. You do have to pick things up off the floor though before it starts which is a good way to clean up. A huge advantage to it is when you get a phone call saying someone is coming to visit in half an hour so you set it off then go and do the dishes. The ultimate multitasker.

I have absolutely no complaints about it – apart from that I wouldn’t mind having the scheduled one so it vacuumed during the day. When the lawnmower gets cheaper I might even convince Pauline to get that!



5 thoughts on “Make room for roomba

  1. ChrisL says:

    And don’t forget the roomba scooba to keep those timber floors and tiles spotlessly clean as well. By the time we finish with our rhoomba purchases we will have 3 amazing robots and 2 stoopid dogs.
    We love irobot.com and those funky home robots – guess our cleaner should be getting nervous by now.

  2. CamDS says:

    That’s so cool!!! I’ve looked at them so many time and wondered how well they cleaned.

    It’s going to the top of my wish list now! Hey and if it ever stops cleaning you can always mod it and play real life Frogger

  3. ljc says:

    And if you love the Roomba, you have to see “woomba” 🙂 Makes me laugh anyway!

  4. Kel says:

    Did you see on the irobot website that you can buy a scheduler upgrade?? So you can still have the scheduler one yet!!


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