Reasons why I’m destined to get an iphone:

  1. My two year old phone contract with three ends on June 27
  2. I reversed my scooter in to a motorcycle, made it fall over, left a note for them to ring me, took photos of the damage and exported all my photos off the phone – something I hadn’t done in over a year
  3. On iphone announcement day I put all my contact details in to the address book on the mac. It was the first time I had backed up my contact list ever from my phone.
  4. Backing up my contact list was handy because less than a week later I had dropped my Nokia 6280 in to the toilet and now it will turn on, accept calls but shows nothing on screen. I’m pretty shitty about it because I wanted to put my work sim in the Nokia
  5. I have booked the 11th of July off work so when it takes 6 hours to get it with the other 40 000 people lined up it won’t affect work.

Cool things I’m going to do with the iphone:

  1. Twitter updates from it
  2. Geotag my photos using the gps tracker
  3. Use my home made google maps when I’m travelling
  4. Listen to music
  5. Answer the phone because I’m more likely to have it with me
  6. Blog from anywhere – and hopefully more often!



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