Recently I’ve been thinking about subscriptions and how cool they are. I’ve subcribed to Rollingstone Magazine for quite a few years and dabbled in some computer mags too. Every month a new magazine would come in the mail like a present and you never knew what was going to be in it. Subscribing is a form of faith in the product because you have made an active decision to get it regardless of what they put in it. I trust Rollingstone to the value of $58 a year to make sure they don’t send me 100 blank pages.

The other day I came across a website that allowed you to subscribe to t-shirts. For around $60 US for 6 months you get one t-shirt a month with whatever design they deem appropriate. They are limited edition shirts so they only print a small number but being a subscriber you are assured of getting one. It has an excellent surprise value and if you don’t like the shirt you can always be a cheapskate and give it away as a present.

I was so excited by this idea that my brain just went off on tangents. Imagine getting designer picked shoes in your size once a month or cds specially picked by Richard Kingsmill. Dvds and music are obvious choices for this method, like if the guy from SBS picked obscure World or Cult movies for you each month. As a bonus you have your own personal mentor opening your mind to things you might not have come across before. For the person not so culturally highbrow, maybe you could get sent a joke toy or cartoon character.

Triple J or SBS, if you are reading this, maybe you should consider the idea as one of your new marketing tools?



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  1. Kel says:

    That’s actually a really good idea!! Nice work! Although it was sort of stolen 😛


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