I know that this a pretty obvious technique to promote Sega games but I just laughed so hard I had to share it. I must also add that the video on this website is the way all websites should dish up this sort of content. It didn’t pop up, require downloads or stuff up my browser – I didn’t even have to wait! So, I present to you:

The true adventures of Chad, the guy who was so in to Super Monkey Ball Deluxe that he decided to live in a ball.

I liked Class and Swim Meet the best.



2 thoughts on “True adventures of Chad

  1. Kel says:

    That is bloody hilarious!! I agree with your favourites, especially when he bounces all the way back down to the front of the class – so funny.

    But I also think the soccer one was good, he got the ball spinning around in a way that reminded me of those motorcycle stunts.


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