What happens when someone loses a bet and they are forced to create a blog and write an entry a day for one week as their reward for losing? One of the funniest blog entries I’ve ever read. Wil Wheaton – he of Star Trek, Stand by Me and the novel Just a Geek, made a bet with his wife Annie which she obviously lost. The first entry consists of her rendition of how the bet began. It sucks that one person can write a brilliant piece on their virgin attempt while the rest of us slave away writing pieces of shit.

My favourite bit is:

And P.S. I don’t pretend to know how to do any of this blogging shit…any uploads, or TrackBacks, or Permalinks XML css based unicode uni-brow bullcrap. All I know how to do is send these fuckers to nerd jail where they belong.

Elbow and Send.



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  1. Michael Ashworth says:

    Bland trivia: I was in the same Motel 8 as Wil in Aurora, Illinois several years ago and Davy Jones from the Monkees was there as well and that McGuinn guy from The Byrds was at a hall nearby and I trudged through snowdrifts to go see him because the cable was out and I did not fancy being alone on a wintery night and it was acousticy and dull but alrightish. I saws the Saints tonight and that was yawnsville.


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