According to Pauline I have too many t-shirts but my feeling is that I don’t have enough. At the moment I am going through a low period where I’m not impressed with anything in my closet. When you see me wearing my bright orange Atari shirt you know I’ve hit bottom.

Inspired by the new t-shirt themed blog Preshrunk I’ve been investigating some options and would love to have some of these:

Corporate design made me mediocre

It's fun to use learning for evil

The blog

Sometimes when I'm alone I google myself

 Everything you like I liked five years ago

 Sad Psycho



4 thoughts on “Some T-shirts I want

  1. Vanessa says:

    I can so see you in the pink shirt …

    You need a t-shirt rule. The t-shirt rule is simple – if you want a new t-shirt, you have to throw one away.

    Not only will it allow you to collect more t-shirts, but then Pauline will have the joy of watching you try to choose which shirt to throw away. And the internal conflict that occurs each time the words, “Oh, I like that shirt …” are uttered. Cameron has been on this rule for about a year now, and it works reasonably well.

    The sticking point is always when Cameron finds more than one shirt to throw away, because then he thinks that qualifies him for more than one new shirt – not the way it works.

    Each “cleansing” only applies to a single shirt purchase. If the addict (yourself, Amy, or Cameron) chooses to throw away more than one t-shirt … well, it might mean that they are on the road to beating their addiction …

    Of course, Cameron’s mother does tend to buy him ugly shirts in sizes much larger than he needs, that form an ample stock to be thrown away. If only I could get her to stop …

  2. jo says:

    you know, you are such a creative possum you should make your own t-shirts – all you need is photoshop and a printer and one of those iron-on transfer thingos


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