For the last few months foxtel has been screening repeats of techtv because the channel was bought by G4 who immediately stopped global broadcasts of techtv. The channel was great for computer help, game reviews and case mods. Rumours were ripe about what would replace it. My hope was for a sci-fi channel like they have in the United States cause it would have been cool to have 24 hour star treks. The only downside would be that Pauline would finally fulfill her dream of hogging the foxtel tv. 😀

The reality is that techtv will become a crime and investigation channel on January 1st 2005. I’m happy about this as I love those type of shows but at the same time I’m a little disturbed that a whole channel will be devoted to this topic. I guess it’s just a modern version of public hangings.



1 thought on “Forget about computers, crime is where it’s at

  1. Kel says:

    You’re observation is right – it is becoming a modern version of public hangings, isn’t it. I think the public has always held a secret interest in those who have committed crimes, and enjoy seeing them punished for it.

    It’s just another example of how technology is allowing information to travel more distance – no longer does the crowd of 150 stand in the town square, cheering and jostling for a position. It’s just all there in front of the tv for everyone to see.

    I think it’s time the ultimate consumer got foxtel.


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