47. I read mad comics from about age 13-16 and I blame that for my sense of humour.

46. I read murder casebooks from age 15-17 and I blame that for the fact that I have raped and killed 20 people.. no wait …I haven’t.

45. In grade four I remember a Nun assigning us a simple art task where you roll up coloured crepe paper and paste it on paper to form an image. Mine just ended up a ball of glue which is when I decided I wasn’t artistic.

43. In high school at the age of 16 I joined the Nambour drama group called NATS at Lind Lane theatre and performed in a play where real people came to watch. My part was melodramatic nurse to be played over the top ala daytime soap. I’m not sure what that says about me.

42. Also in high school I was in a musical called “The Wiz” which used the songs from the Michael Jackson movie. My part was one of the four yellow brick roads and I had to wear a very short dress and then lift my arms in the air. It was rather rude, but luckily I had black stockings on. I’m not sure what those teachers were thinking making us do that… unless the teachers knew what they were doing. LOL!!!!

41. Mum made Michelle (my friend since I was born) and I go play in a tennis tournament when we were in grade five. As soon as she dropped us there we started crying and saying we didn’t want to do it. She ended up saying we could quit, but since we were there we might as well play. We played doubles and won, so of course we said we’d continue. I don’t think I stopped playing tennis for the next 5 years.

40. Speaking of Michelle, one day when I was about 10 she and I had a fight (probably cause she wanted to go somewhere and I wanted to stay home) so I ran away from home. I rode my bike to the park and decided I would live under these three rocks that formed a shelter. I think I got bored after half an hour and rode home, but nobody had noticed that I had done it.



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