Don’t you love it when you ride you way precariously through rush hour traffic on a vespa scooter (the equivelant of a dingy vs the titanic) and reach your home safely only to fall over walking up the garden path in front of your house?

Now my helmet has a scratch on it which isn’t from a dangerous motorcyle accident but from when it flew out of my hands while I tripped avoiding a spider web. All Pauline heard was me yelling “shiiiit” and the helmet scratching along the ground. My knee is scraped and arm has a bump too.




3 thoughts on “Crash!

  1. Rat says:

    I can’t believe that I am going to miss out on giving you a slagging about this one… you must have been beelin (look it up).

  2. Kel says:

    I think at the end of this year you have to blog “memorable crashes”. Haha.

    And I finally got around to putting a link to your blog on mine. Hehe.

  3. amyo says:

    According to the Understanding Rats and Traitors website (i.e. The scottish vernacular dictionary) Beelin has two meanings. One is a boil or a very angry plook! and the other is just boiling angry.

    I didn’t feel angry, I felt more like a dafty laying on my back with leaves down my pants and dirt up my arm.


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