About two weeks ago Faye won a lunch date with Jodie Henry and 100 other people after ringing up the B105 radio station. Apart from the disturbing revelation that Faye listens to B105 (couldn’t resist paying out – I’m such a radio snob), this was a very cool thing! Danielle was very upset to miss out because I think she started the Jodie Henry fanclub but I’m sure she can deal as she got to go to the supanova nerd convention yesterday.

Her and Cat trotted off to the lunch this morning and this was her report:

OMG…it was so fun! Catherine got off her tits on the free alcohol but I had to go back to work :-/ so only had a couple. Very happy as I was one of twenty people who got individual photos with her, they did group photos for each table as well but we lucked out! Got a snap with Penny Cooper too, she was very funny.

Jodie Henry and Faye

The food was really nice, and the room all decked out in olympic stuff. We had a trivia thingy and they gave away $50 myer vouchers etc.and heaps of other stuff. We got a years free membership to the greek club.

They got her on stage and you could ask questions etc, she is very cute in how realistic and unaffected she is by all the fame…gets embarrassed easily too!

It was the best lunch I’ve been to anyway!



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