I thought I was done blogging for the night and then I saw the holden concept vehicle. Normally holdens leave me cold, but this one is gorgeous. Phwoar! The length of it looks a bit scary when parking but can you imagine that front in your rear view mirror? That would spook out any hat driver. 🙂 The question is when will they produce it cause this is just HOT!



4 thoughts on “Holden concept vehicle

  1. amyo says:

    I found some in the flesh photos at flickr and some more info at drive.com.au. Check out the art deco themed tv screens as well. Lush. Now, why can’t they do this for cars in production instead of making them plain jane one fits all. Oh that’s right.. profits. 🙁

  2. Kel says:

    Did you see the comments about how good Australian cars are? Wicked 🙂

    Now that is one beautiful car – although the last line in your post shows that you also didn’t see the note that Holden made it “because they good”. They have absolutely no plans to make it into a production car. It cost them 1m to build “because they can”. Oh, to have money.

    I think the closest thing you’ll be getting to this is the Chrysler.

  3. Kel says:

    Wow I must’ve been tired when I wrote the last post – I still am, because I’m writing this one shortly after.

    The “good” in the last comment should read “could”. i.e. made it “because they could”.

    Now I’m going to bed.

  4. amyo says:

    Yeah it seems like these days they like to make concept cars that they throw out with the trash. The only problem is that most of the concept cars are way better than anything they dish out normally!


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