Went to the Blockbuster Video Store the other day (which should be really called a dvd store now). I picked out three dvds, went to the counter, the girl told me for 1 dollar more I could get 2 more movies. I perused the aisles once more, got the requisite amount of dvds, paid and left.

Next morning, I went to my pockets to give Pauline the money I had gotten out for her from the bank. Alas, it was $20 short! Thinking back I realised I must have dropped it while paying for the dvds as that was the only place I had been to. For some reason I thought I’d try ringing them to see if they had it. At 8am they weren’t answering the phone so I tried again around 5.15pm. Low and behold they did have $20 which they had found just in front of the counter (exactly where I thought it would be). Thank god because I’d been punishing myself for losing it.

I’m impressed that in this day and age somewhere there handed it in and the staff there kept it aside. Good work Blockbuster Video crew and honest person who handed it – who may have been a staff member too. I’m impressed!



2 thoughts on “Honesty is still alive

  1. scuppers says:

    Tis was my birthday yesterday so now I’m 15 😀 lol. We went paintballing which is really fun but can be painful, i recommend it to you all, also a brilliant stress reliever, lol.

  2. Kel says:

    Oh yeah, my apologies. I meant to say happy birthday to you both…so um…



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