In the past two weeks I’ve gotten two people’s names wrong. The first time wasn’t to their face which was ok and it was just a matter of mishearing what someone had said and giving them the wrong information. The second time was much more horrific and makes me embarrassed everytime I think about it.

The person in question was the boyfriend of a friend whom I’ve both known for about 3 years. These are people I don’t hang out with weekly but I have seen them at least 1 a month for the past year. I know his real name but all night I kept thinking about his name and when I said it I had a feeling it was wrong. That was cool because I was only saying it to other people and no-one picked me up on it. It was only when they were giving me a lift home and I made a joke and said his name at the beginning of the joke did I sense something wasn’t quite right. No one really laughed at the joke which disturbed me a little as it normally gets a chuckle. It was only 3 hours later that I realised I’d gotten his name wrong. I called him Clinton when his name is really Clayton. I was horrified that I had made this mistake as the one thing I really try to get right is people’s names. I felt tricked and humiliated by my own brain. The worst thing is is that there is a bit of alzheimers in my family history so that when things like this I start to question whether this is the first step in the disease.

Clinton, I mean Clayton. 🙂 If you ever read this I’m profoundly sorry by my error and can only excuse my error by the fact that I had a beer that night.



5 thoughts on “Horrified by my brain

  1. dbee says:

    I didn’t even realise you were saying his name wrong?! and what was the joke in the car again?? sorry..I don’t think anyone else realised your mistake either, Amy? Netty hasn’t said anything..

  2. the one u call a hypercondriac says:

    You forgot to mention the mad cow disease you picked up whilst in the UK. You are doomed.

  3. Lucy-loo says:

    Well Amy obviously:P, better bloody not be from the Gifford side, although, that would explain mum…

  4. Jules says:

    The way around that is to change your personality style, so you call all guys “dude”, “mate” or “Bro”, and call all girls “Darl”. Older people can be called “Sir” or “Maam”.

    That way, you need never have to worry about not knowing someone’s name.


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