Riverfire kind of sucked for me in the end.

I didn’t get to go to my secret vantage point because the AFL was being played at the Gabba so I figured the lights would ruin any pictures I took. So instead we went to the park on Doornoch Terrace. Not surprisingly, the population of Brisbane who weren’t at South Bank were at Doornoch Terrace, so instead of battling with the millions who were angling for the best spot away from the trees and power lines, Pauline and I crossed the road and sat uncomfortably on some handrails and squinted at the fireworks in the distance.

The best bit was when the jet planes dumped their fuel at the beginning and the end over the Brisbane River. The worst bit was Triple M’s tired old playlist that was supposedly synchronised to the fireworks. Is Christina Aguelira’s Beautiful really a song that makes you think “fireworks! WOW!”. They need to hire a new playlist selector because the one they have is completely SHIT!!!

I took over 100 pictures and not one of them is useable. Unless you want photos of what fireworks look like when you are tripping. I always take tonnes at the beginning and miss the grand finale because I’ve filled the memory with photos of nothing. I guess you could say I’m a premature photographer. If anyone wants to see what fireworks look like when you are tripping, I will gladly oblige – if you write something in the comments.

I’ll have to save my secret vantage point for another fireworks night when the Gabba doesn’t have it’s 500 trillion watt bulbs on.



8 thoughts on “I always shoot my load too quick

  1. dbee says:

    I have to say this..coz I am a proud little sister. My big bro, Paul, did the riverfire dump and burn in an F1-11..quite a few years ago, when he was in the airforce. And guess what, I was working that night aswell!! Oh the humanity!! 😉

    p.s. I know of your secret location, Amy!

  2. Kelly says:

    Well i’m disappointed, I wanted to try and guess the secret location. It would have been tough for me as well because I’m not a brisbanite either. I wonder if Sunshine Coasties would be able to guess?

  3. amyo says:

    well, i guess i could pretend that there are fireworks and go and take a picture from the secret location, but it would just be black then. 😀

  4. danoz direct says:

    we watched from the top of thornton st. poor old bastards could not reach their driveway due to the mass parking on the street and footpath. so the oldies parked their merc on the footpath too and walked home. very cute.
    the kids were the best. much better than the fireworks this year… with their squealing of delight and anticipation.

  5. danoz direct says:

    ps. I like pictures that look like acid trips. I think I enjoy the abstraction of the real:)

  6. Amyo says:

    Alright, you guys convinced me. I’ll see if it can find the most trippy photo tonight when I get home. It’ll probably give me a headache. 😀

    Yeah, kids can be cool at fireworks. While I was trying to take photos the kid beside me kept turning and looking at smiling at me. Such a poser. But I didn’t want to take pics, I’d look like a peodophile or something.

  7. Kelly says:

    You could maybe try taking a photo of a street light, and moving your camera just as you take it, so it blurs, and then looks like a slow motion view adjustment.

    Hrm, can you tell I’ve done this before?


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