carrots.175.gifInteresting information about Carrots helping you see in the dark:

The folk belief that carrots enable one to see in the dark–or at least improve vision–enabled the British Royal Air Force to disguise its use of radar from the Germans during World War II. The story goes that the Air Force bragged that the great accuracy of British fighter pilots at night was a result of them being fed enormous quantities of carrots–and the Germans bought it because their folk wisdom included the same myth.

But is it a myth???

[From Ask Jeeves] This has some basis in truth. Deficiency in vitamin A results in a diminished ability to see in dim light. The characteristic orange pigment of carrots is a source of vitamin A, so it is possible that consumption of carrots would improve dim-light vision in people with vitamin A deficiency. However, this deficiency is rare in Australia so for most people, eating carrots is unlikely to improve vision significantly. No one can see unaided in total dark, no matter how many carrots they eat.

The consumption of very large amounts of carrots can result in the accumulation of the orange pigment and the skin appears yellow. This fades when the excessive consumption is discontinued.



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