I’ve been slack writing blog entries I know, it’s hard to get in to the swing of things. So I’ve decided I’ll attempt to do a post a day this week even if it is small or shit or both (like this one seems to be turning out to be). Maybe that will overcome my blogging block.

It’s not like I haven’t been doing anything – for instance on Saturday night the family and I had an outing at night to the Toowong Cemetery. Strange idea I know, but we all seem to enjoy ghost tours when we go overseas so what better than to attend one in your own back yard. I spent a lot of the tour visualising how all the lights from the torches would like through a camera lens. Jack Sim took us to the Mayne Family crypt (you’d know them from the book The Mayne Inheritance). What struck me was the tremendous views of the city you get from differing spots around the cemetery which would be worth millions if there wasn’t a bunch of dead bodies in the ground. The tour actually made me want to wander the grounds during the day to read some of the headstones. Maybe even steal some of the granite ones for a kitchen bench. *KIDDING*



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