Mary Poppins and I have something in common. No not an amazing singing voice (LOL). Rosacea. How do I know she had a medical condition? Her rosy cheeks.

My first memory of knowing that I had red cheeks is when I got the german measles in grade seven and thought it was my usual exercise face from playing tennis. It wasn’t until many years later when I became a white whale from living in England did I notice how ruddy my complexion was. I’d always struggled with pimples but just thought it was the usual teenage growing pains.

By the time I got to to 26 I kind of figured something was up, cause my hormones should have figured themselves out by that age! So I went to the doctors as I had all these pustules on my face that kind of looked like a rash but could’ve been mistaken for pimples. The doctor put me on the pill for 6 months but it didn’t do anything so she sent me off to the skin specialist.

I was a little disturbed when I went there because he wanted to see my back (hey, the pimples are on my face mate!) and my skull. He instantly diagnosed Rosacea due to the dry skin along the spine of my back and the pustules on my face. A few tablets and some skin cream later, and my face is a lot better – not perfect though. *sigh*. If I drink alchohol, eat curry, spend 5 minutes in full sun or get embarrassed my skin suffers. Sometimes it feels like the sun is shining through my cheeks.

But I don’t mind too much, cause I guess it means I’m jolly like Santa Clause or rosy like Mary. (Plus I’m not the one who has to look at it!)



4 thoughts on “Me, Mary and Santa

  1. Amyo says:

    It’s entirely possible. Do your cheeks feel like you are blushing sometimes when you aren’t embarressed?

    Apparently it’s not supposed to be an issue until you get older (over 45), I’m just premature. Like my photography I guess. 😀

    Bill Clinton and WC Fields have it too.

  2. Kitty Cat says:

    They are red all the time, no matter what I do – excercise just makes them worse to the point that people think I’m gonna drop cos they nearly go purple! Rum makes them VERY red!

  3. dbee says:

    I noticed that the dude who hosts Video Hits..mmm, what’s his name?? I know the girl’s name is Kelly and his is a little obscure I think? anyways…he has the same thing too!


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