I don’t know why I have a blog. I’m kind of meandering around, wondering what to put on it, wondering if I should even bother updating it, wondering if it should just be a picture gallery for my own amusement.
So, in an effort to put more content on the site to justify it’s existance I’ve decided to talk about the one topic I know a great deal about.


God I am so up myself. 🙂

I have set myself a task to write about 50 events in my life that have had such an effect that they have shaped who I am today. This task will run over the amount of days it takes to get to 50, the only stipulation being that I have to put something in everyday. If you read these blog postings though, you have to make comments, cause I am desperate for them!

Here goes:

50. In grade one on my first week of school mum made me wear a sticker with my name and address on it so that I would catch the correct bus home. No one else had one, just me, and I believe that is why I am a map control freak to this day.

49. On days when Dad would drive me to school, he would always be late and I would always get in to trouble from the teacher. Now I turn up 30 mins early for everything to compensate.

48. When I was 12 my cousin stayed with us for a few weeks while doing work experience. She brought a ghetto blaster and Dolly magazines – unwittingly causing my downward spiral in to teenage bankruptcy due to a love of music and magazines. I shudder to think about the amounts I spent on Smash Hits, Countdown magazine and Bros cds.

Bored now. 😉



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