In 10 days I get another X-Ray on my broken leg to decide if I can put weight on it. The physio said it is likely I will still be on crutches for at least a week after that while I ease my way back in to walking and it will be a month or so until I’m walking normally. Nevetherless the end is in sight and while I’m still broken I thought I’d make a list of the things I’m looking forward to doing when I can walk again (plus my sister Kelly loves lists).


  • Carry things like plates and cups
  • Ditch my orange Andy Warhol bag which is my constant companion to move stuff around the house
  • Walk around the block and eventually up the big bastard hill on my street
  • Get in to the car without huffing and puffing
  • Stand up in the shower
  • Have a bath
  • Join the tennis fit thing at the tennis centre
  • Sleep with my right leg completely under the covers
  • Sit in a chair comfortably with both feet flat on the ground
  • Get my own food at a buffet
  • Cook some complicated meals
  • Keep on reading lots of books
  • Hang out in a cocktail bar for a few hours
  • Go outdoors as much as I can!!!!!!!



4 thoughts on “Thing I am looking forward to when I can walk again

    1. Amy says:

      Oh and how could I forget wearing two shoes instead of one and busting out the proper collection!

  1. Kath says:

    Gus and Lucas ask after you two or three times a week. Lucas can’t seem to grasp the fact that you’re STILL not walking around and not back at work yet. Every time I tell him he’s all like “Wow, she really broke herself, didn’t she?”


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