Last day at work before my birthday and unexpectedly both teams I work with turned up for a morning tea. My manager had made me this cool cake with a vespa and the words Amy 30 and Maria organised a shingle inn and sausage rolls and chips gorge fest. I managed to take a picture of the cake with my camera phone but when I try to copy it to my pc via bluetooth it is failing. I’ll try again on Monday on a pc.

Malcolm and his wife Rosemarie made me this wicked cool t-shirt using a photo I had on flickr combined with the movie “The Wild One“. Instead of Marlon Brando it was my vespa and me! I thought it was hell funny and if I hadn’t purchased a new retro shirt yesterday for my party tomorrow I’d be wearing that instead. But don’t worry, it will certainly get a workout.

The wild one

The present was completely unexpected and had me laughing for ages. With workmates like these people why would I ever consider leaving?

Looks like this weekend is going to be one prolonged birthday party – I might even get to go to the Queensland Roar game on my actual birthday on Sunday. I’m incredibly excited about this birthday and that NEVER happens!



8 thoughts on “Turning 30 isn’t that bad

  1. K-A UKMIDWIFE says:

    30 lots of Best Wishes granted to you from the
    good witch of the Northern Hemisphere.

  2. Tom Boucher says:

    I decided that at least here in the states after you turn 25 there’s no more birthdays worth paying attention too! At 25 the last of the car insurance discounts kick in since you’re no longer a ‘irresponsible teenager/early twenties’.

    That being said, 34 came and went this year with little fanfare 🙂

  3. Mystery Man says:

    Happy Birthday Amy! Had a reat time at your 30th do on the weekend! The karaoke was funny. I have saved 2 short clips of you singing ‘Express Yourself’ with my mobile. I only wish I had remembered my digi camera as it wold have been able to take better movie clips. Oh well. the mobile still captured it so i could have a gigggle to myself.

    (now lets see if i get an error message this time when i hit post)

  4. Susan says:

    That t-shirt is so cool. What nice co-workers to go to all that trouble. Need info on how to organise personalised t-shirts – my boys would love them!

  5. Kel says:

    *very concerned*

    I hope Pauline was able to remove the stains that she put on your shirt on Saturday night!


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