Well in one week the stairs are now polished and complete, the speakers are wired and the walls are becoming plasterboarded. I had some last minute planning for the wiring of the speakers downstairs and I wish I’d been better prepared for that – all my fault entirely. But it’s looking great and I’m thinking it will be fitted out soon!

These are the stairs stained before the plasterboard went in:


Some of the wiring for the speakers – unfastened since the plasterboard isn’t in

IMG_3581.jpgThe plasterboard is in, the boards are meant to be better at hiding sounds – like people wandering around upstairs:


The wall where the tv will be

IMG_3589.jpgThe back door as you come down the new stairs:

IMG_3590.jpgThe stairs after staining, the balustrades give you an idea of the original colour. The taps underneath are for the washing machine and tub

IMG_3592.jpgThe stairs are finished!




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