The guy who installed the bi-fold doors came back on Friday to move the bathroom door and adjust the bi-folds (they take a little while to settle). The door was moved for a couple of reasons, one is that it will be better suited to the new bathroom design and secondly is if we ever put an internal staircase the door won’t be in the way. This is what the door looked like before the change:

Original bathroom door

And this is it’s new position and we’ve re-used the door that used to be the backdoor to the house.

New bathroom door

My next bit of fun is to paint the back room and finish sealing the bi-folds. It’s gonna have to happen during the week as my weekends are all booked out for the next 3 weeks. After that we can get really started on the new bathrooms upstairs and downstairs. It’s renovation crazy at my house!



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