Pimped my Vespa

Watching Pimp my Ride and American Chopper has put bad thoughts in my head and subscribing to Vespaway only encourages me to continue my wicked ways. I don’t think I’ve ever seen spinners on the streets of Brisbane and now my pimped out Puppa lx 150 is chroming the eyes off all pedestrians. In fact spinners are so rare in Australia that I don’t think anyone knows what I mean when I tell them I’ve bought one off ebay. I paid about $80 including delivery and Pauline groaned when I told her but now when we go out on our scoots she can’t stop grinning and saying how cool it is. It matches the exhaust perfectly. It was bought from ebay user vespautah01 who calls the company “Vespa Choppers”. The only problem I have with them is that I’m going to fall off trying to look at them when I’m stopped at the lights. Take that Xzibit!





  1. Just remember all you amyo blog fans out there that exaggeration makes for a better story. I don’t recall it being a ‘groan’ I thought it was a ‘you’re funny’ when Amy told me she was bidding for spinners for the Vespa. Although I was concerned that it would be a major overhaul to fit them but it wasn’t. I won’t reveal the method though in case somebody finds them too irresistible [I’m not referring to you regular amyo blog fans when I say that].

  2. I think exaggeration plays a vital part in this story, and it also runs in the family (i.e. I also exaggerate). I think this is where it is also blatantly obvious that you’re friends with our mother, as you both seem to vehemently deny when you guys react to something Amy or I say/do.

    I think a great example of this is in my halloween story when I copped it from Mum. 🙂

  3. Oh, and it’s always funny when you guys say that we’ve exaggerated what you guys say, because it’s normally not even a big part of the story. I had to read back to find out when you groaned 🙂

  4. Well I object to the fact that she reckons I’m exaggerating as she has selective memory. She thought I was wasting my money and being a dork, but it looks schweet (purposely spelt wrong)!

  5. Hi there!

    My name’s Sarah. I found your blog through a Google search on Aegis Q-Ride training and I was wondering if you could help me out with some questions?

    I recently won the same model Vespa as you (LX150, except mine is black), but I’ve had zero riding/driving experience, so I’m looking at taking lessons with Aegis at Toombul.

    BUT a girl I met told me that the Aegis instructors were … well, crap. Did you have any bad experiences with them? I’d really rather not go through a different training school, because this one was recommended to me through Scootopia, and it seems to be the cheapest.

    Also, how many lessons did you have to take before you sat for the course? And had you had any rider experience before that?

    Sorry if this seems really random; I’m just desperate to learn how to ride so that I can take my new baby out on the road 🙂

  6. Sorry for the slow reply Sarah, I’ve been galavanting around Stanthorpe. How lucky are you to win a LX! I’m jealous and I’ve got one already.

    I found Andrew at Aegis great. He was a little bit of a mans man but I expected that from a bike rider. He was constantly supportive and was the consumiate professional. My experience with scooters or bikes before I got the vespa was a day in Cairns on a 50cc. I had two lessons before I went for the test but really probably only needed the one. Scooters are much easier than motorbikes thanks to the no gear thing. If you’ve driven a car and ridden a bicycle you shouldn’t have too much trouble. I wrote more about my exam here which should give you some idea of what it’s like.

    Good Luck!

  7. Awesome. Thanks so much for the advice. I’m going to schedule my lessons ASAP.

    Hope to see you on the roads sometime!

  8. Spinners! hmm! Thought they looked good! Although if I had not seen them in person I would not have believed it!

    Just go my self a little bike. let us know if you want to go for a ride. we are going on one today if you are interested…. If I can tear myself away from the 360!! 😉

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