Adidas Good Years

Brand: Adidas
Model: Tuscany
Style: Good Year Blue and White
Bought: Footlocker Brisbane City Mall
Price: I’m guessing about $120?

Favourite feature: The soles look like tyres and the adidas logo on the tongue has sparkles
Most wearable location: The gym or on the scooter since they have great grip

Other people say: Is that Good Year?

What attracted me to the shoe: Totally adore the gimmick of the tyre sole. It was also the trend at the time to have really white shoes, but since the soles were black and I have a tendancy to stand on my feet, the whiteness didn’t last long and they are now dirty as f**k.

Why does the shirt match: The shoes are a little reminiscent of a fusbal style so although the shoes would go equally well with a racing car shirt, they make me think football. My socceroos shirt is the closest match to that with it’s blue colors, hence the choice. 

All this sounds great but what are they like to wear:  The sole is really hard rubber so there isn’t much give there at all – it’s kind of like walking on boards. Since the shoes are also really thin in foot, it makes me look disproportionate with my big hips. Hence they don’t get out of the house that often anymore.

 Adidas Good Years



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