Nike Court Force - Army Green

Brand: Nike
Model: Court Force
Style: Army Green and Brown – Sample
Bought: Nike Factory Store in Harbour Town
Price: $50 AUD

Favourite feature: Absolute comfort and the fact that they are boring
Most wearable location: Every day workwear because no one will look at them. Also great on long walks

Other people say: Don’t even look twice.

What attracted me to the shoe: I had gained my shoe fetish in Hong Kong and needed a fix when I got back. Took the hour long drive to the Gold Coast in the hope that I would find a fancy shoe. Only found this in my size and it didn’t even have a box to go in. They were comfy and only $50 so of course I’m going to buy them. Plus I hadn’t seen court forces before. I especially like the parachute jacket type material on the tongue.

Why does the shirt match: I bought the Bruce Lee shirt in Hong Kong and it’s pretty obvious it matches due to the colour. I guess it also has a bit of an agression theme going since Bruce Lee is a kick ass martial arts dude and my shoes are army anger all the way.

All this sounds great but what are they like to wear:  The most comfortable pair of shoes I own and it’s obvious due to the amount of wear they have. These are my old faithful shoes I fall back to when I can’t decide on anything else. Downside of that though is that they smell pretty bad since they’ve gotten wet quite a few times.

 Nike Court Force - Army Green



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