Only 5 more days until the world cup and with Australia playing a match tonight against the Netherlands and all the soccer on tv I am in heaven. This is the best time of the World Cup when everyone has the hope and anticipation without any of the dissapointments that will inevitably happen. I just hope that there isn’t any dodgy referee decisions or injuries that effect Australias chances. But mainly this post is just to link to some of the cool advertising techniques being used to advertise the world cup. Oliver Kahn has never looked so good. Also, if you are thinking of watching the game with a bunch of others, the New Brisbane Blog has a list of the places to see the World Cup in Brisbane. I’m still deciding whether I want to battle for a view with other fans or have an excellent view without any atmosphere.



1 thought on “5 days to the World Cup

  1. Alborz says:

    Yeah me too! I can’t work out if I should go and watch the games in the freezing cold at some venue and cheer and boo with 100 other people or to stay home and watch it! Its such a hard choice cause the atmosphere of other people going for the same team is fantastic. I can hardly wait!!!


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