We Deserved it.
Dumb Referee Decision.
Poor tired Kewell.
F*** You Japan.
Love You Timmy.
Mystical weetbix power.
Australia beat Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 to 1!!!!!!



5 thoughts on “Three Words

  1. CamDS says:

    Just amazing, I thought we were sunk! Awesome end to the match! You’ll be kicking yourself if you went to bed early!

  2. amyo says:

    And in the cold light of day, I don’t really mean f**k you Japan, it’s just that I was still angry about the foul on Schwarzer.

  3. Kel says:

    Yeah I was cranky about that too. But at the end of the day we showed them what Australia is truly capable of, and that we’re not a one man team so BRING IT ON!

  4. Cakes says:

    What an amazing last six minutes – Cahill should get the Order of Australia next time around for his fantastic efforts last night.
    Bring on Brazil!

  5. amyo says:

    For sure, Cahill was a god in that game. Makes me real glad Fifa reversed their decision about what country he was allowed to play for. Thanks to an ill advised match he played for Samoa when he was 14, he wasn’t allowed to play for Australia until they changed the rules.


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