Janey writes! Tonight I’m heading off on a road trip up the south coast – final destination will perhaps be Hervey Bay. Since I know you all are dedicated readers I have arranged for Janey to be the guest blogger for the next three days.

Janey is from Redcliffe and loves the place so much she created a website about it. You may have seen Janey’s comments on the threads and I’m sure she will tell you more about herself once she starts posting. She also won the banner competition by exceeding the requirements for a colour and actually created the banner you currently see. She hasn’t yet accepted her prize.

Meanwhile, if I get this moblogging thing sorted, I might be able to post images live and direct from the road trip. If not, you’ll all be sadly let down.



2 thoughts on “Going away

  1. janey says:

    Point of order. You can’t go on a trip “up” to the south coast. For a start, Hervey Bay is north and even if it was south, everybody knows that the Queensland convention is up north and down south!

  2. amyo says:

    Hmm. never been good with that. it was always up to Brisbane from the Sunshine Coast and down to Bli Bli from Brisbane. 25 years of my Mum telling me that didn’t work and neither will one blog comment! 😀


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